Metta Charity was founded to help the Burmese children of 1000’s of migrant workers who come to Thailand to get work.  The migrant workers are poor and seek employment in Thailand’s farms and factories. Often they have no resources or family to care for their children while they work.  This means the Children come with the parents and often they work along side of the parents in rice fields or in factories.


What Metta Charity does…..

  • Houses Burmese Migrant Workers Children
  • Provide Schools and Educate the Children
  • Supplies food and water for the students
  • Provides medical treatment for the students
  • Provides Uniforms and Clothes
  • Assists with Passport and Visas for undocumented children
  • Provides English lessons to break the poverty cycle
Founder Johny
Founder Johny

Since 2011, Johny Adhikari and few volunteers have been devoted to help improving the conditions for the migrant children in the Mae Sot District near the Thai-Burma border. They are doing this by providing education, medical care and a sense of community to this under-served migrant population.

Burma’s (Myanmar) long history of civil war has displaced nearly 500,000 of their citizens. Many Burmese people move across the border into Northern Thailand to leave behind a conflict that has been going on since 1948.

The migrants live in Thailand’s rural areas in conditions of chronic poverty. Through the three small campuses Johny has established south of Chiang Mai, we provide basic medical care and education to over 400 children and their parents.

Volunteers are not compensated for their time. Please take a look at our projects to learn how you can make a difference.


Metta Charity has many on-going donation needs in order to continue to provide Education, Medicine, Uniforms & Shoes, Transport, Food, and the essential items that help break the poverty cycle for the amazing children.