Our Website

Our Website

Welcome to METTA Charity’s website!

We are very small non-profit that is providing badly needed medicine and education to Thailand’s Burmese migrant population. This website is an opportunity to show the world the impact you can have when you choose to do something good. It is also an opportunity to ask the world to come join us in our efforts, com participate in the mission by helping us out. If you can, we’d love for you to donate, and if you can’t donate please share our story on social media. If everyone with a big heart chips in we know that 2020 will be our most successful school year to date.

Our Schools

We operate three campuses in western Thailand’s Mae Sot District. The Burmese migrants in this area live in chronic poverty without basic medical care or schooling. In 2011 Johny Adhikari and a few friends pooled their money together to start a school for the children in Mae Sot. It began with 40 students, it grew to over 400 students in 2017. The students ages are between 4-15 years old and they all rely on us to provide their schooling and meals.

The Farmhouse School

In 2020 with the current pandemic, and for financial reasons, the Farmhouse school is currently not operating and the students have been relocated to our other schools. (This is our most developed campus with two buildings and a chicken coop. There are over 140 students learning 5 different subjects in Thai and Burmese.)

Min Thu Wan School

Currently in 2020 this school has 180 students. It is being enlarged to provide for better social distancing to better cope with the Covid 19 pandemic.

Parahtita Htoo School

Currently has about 230 students in 2020.

How You Can Help

The easiest way you can help is by making a donation. Your contribution provides the basic supplies (food, water, shoes) and services (teachers, transportation, etc.) that it takes to run a successful school.

A special note from the founder

Our students generally live in chronic poverty, so the food they receive at school is vital nutrition. We provide a very modest school lunch to our students, but it is still a challenge financially to purchase what is needed. A modest contribution from you could help us clothe, feed and educate our students and we need your help to be able to do this!

Founder Johny
Founder Johny
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